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clambake n : a cookout at the seashore where clams and fish and other foods are cooked--usually on heated stones covered with seaweed

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  1. a beach party in which clams and other food are cooked in a pit dug in the sand; the clams are cooked on hot stones and are covered with seaweed
  2. fig. attrib. informal, makeshift, sloppy


  1. To smoke marijuana in an enclosed space such as a car with the windows up


  • fig. attrib. informal, makeshift, sloppy
    • 2004: not in their Ivy privilege or clambake geography — New Yorker, 9 - 16 August 2004

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Clambake is a 1967 musical film starring Elvis Presley and Shelley Fabares.


Scott Heyward is the son of a rich oilman. He decides to leave so he can discover life for himself. He runs into Tom Wilson, a water skiing instructor, who has no luck with the women. Tom offers to switch places with Scott so they can have a taste of what life is like in each other's shoes. Scott works as a ski instructor for a Miami hotel, while Tom has fun pretending he is rich. Scott is taken by Dianne, who is searching for a rich guy to snag. She decides to make a play for James J. Jamison III, owner of a pajama company and boat racing champion. Scott agrees to help her get Jamison, but in the process falls for her.

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The soundtrack songs were released as a music album in November 1967 to coincide with the film. The film songs were augmented by several non-film recordings, including the recent hit singles "Guitar Man" and "Big Boss Man". RCA took the unusual move of programming the Guitar Man single to lead off the album, rather than the usual pattern of leading off with the film title track.

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  • In her 1985 book, Elvis and Me, Priscilla Presley writes that by the time filming was to begin on Clambake, Elvis's growing distress with the quality of his films led to a despondency accompanied by overeating that saw his weight balloon from his normal 170 lb (77 kg) to 200 lb (91 kg). A movie studio executive ordered him to lose the weight in a hurry, marking the introduction of diet pills to his already excessive regimen of medications. Possibly due to this, Elvis appears overweight, tired and looks sick. Many speculate his deadened state was more due to his increasing despondency over making yet another awful film than to drugs.
  • In his song "Back to Tupelo", Mark Knopfler references Clambake as a turning point in Presley's career.
  • Among the kids during the "Confidence" scene is a young Corbin Bernsen
  • Conan O'Brien has named Clambake as his favorite Elvis Presley film.


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$100-a-plate dinner, TV dinner, alfresco meal, barbecue, breakfast, brunch, buffet supper, campaign dinner, campaigning, coffee break, cookout, diner, dinner, electioneering, elevenses, fish fry, fund-raising dinner, high tea, hot luncheon, lunch, luncheon, mash, meat breakfast, petit dejeuner, picnic, politicking, rally, stumping, supper, tea, tea break, teatime, tiffin, whistle-stopping, wiener roast, wienie roast
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